Wednesday, 7 March 2007

I'm going to bed early tonight. I know that every time I say this, I end up staying up into the small hours but tonight will be different. I will definitely be asleep before 9.30 pm.*

Today was one of those WTF? days. You know, the sort of day when every phone call and knock on the door leads you to utter that question. But I saw an Australian hobby (Falco longipennis) while I was driving home. And—even better—the sewers are now clear. The drains are flowing like mountain streams. I'm almost tempted to invite passing strangers to use the toilet so I can share with them the joy of free-draining plumbing. Maybe the Aussie cricketer who tried to flush his pads and bat on returning to the dressing room after a pretty ordinary innings. (Michael Slater, perhaps? Sounds plausible.)

* Or not, as it's almost that time now.