Sunday, 30 July 2006

Another quick pictureless visit

I'll make this one brief as I'm supposed to be writing lectures. Had I been more organised, I would have them all written and ready to go for tomorrow morning. Well, to be fair on myself, they are written and ready to go. What I'm doing is polishing them so they shine like pearls ...

I've had too much coffee.

On Monday, I'll be lecturing the first years in the morning and then sorting out the postgrad coursework students in the evening. (There'll be plenty to occupy my time in between. Don't you worry about that. I've got Honours theses to mark. Still. Not to mention sorting out the lab classes.) As the p'grad subject doesn't start until 6pm and is on another campus, Monday is going to be a hoot. Add to that the students and the timetabler have completely different ideas about which lecture theatre they'll be attending ... So why didn't I win the lottery on the weekend?

Despite all this nonsense. I'll be back on Monday with more stories and pictures from the wonderful world of malacology, biogeography and/or other stuff. I might whinge a bit too. Be warned.

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