Saturday, 8 July 2006

In his autobiography, My Last Sigh, film-maker Luis Buñuel describes the arrival of movies in rural Spain. The audience, unfamiliar with the syntax of films, were bamboozled by the jump cuts and changes in point of view. An explicador accompanied every screening, standing at the front of the cinema and explaining the film to head-scratching movie-goers.

I want an explicador to wander around by my side and explain much of modern life to me. Why is Big Brother so popular? Why do universities offer homeopathy and iridology as units of study but not alchemy or contacting the dead 101? Why is so difficult to get a phone connection in your office?

Baffled of Melbourne

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Sherryl said...

Yes, I want one of those too. I want mine to tell me why I am unable to successfully use a paint roller, and why the 24 hours in my day seem to only go for about 10 hours.
And like most people, I guess I'd like to know why I have to work to earn money to pay the bills. Can't someone invent a better system?