Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Where in the world ...? Part II

Let's recap the clues. A tropical island in the western hemisphere with a history of slavery. Lots of limestone, jungle and snails. You must have an inkling by now.

Want some more pictures to help you along? No? Well, tough. You're getting some.

It's not a wealthy country. There are plenty of good biologists but they don't have many resources.
This could be a natural history museum anywhere in the tropics. (But the battered old Hemingway-esque typewriter might give you a clue.)
One of the smallest frogs in the world.
One of the largest. (Okay, it's a toad. What's the diff? You say butterfly, I say moth.)
And the island's beaches are covered in fossil corals.

Where in the world ...?


lefty said...

Were you on a dreadlock holiday???

Snail said...

Not this time. Close, though.

Anonymous said...

¡Viva Cuba!
Good scientists for certain.
But why do they treat their queer compd's so superstitiously?