Monday, 3 July 2006

Where in the world?

A few years ago, I headed out to a tropical island to look at the snails. Well, no surprise there. It wasn't Pulau Kapas this time. Nor Singapore or Borneo. It wasn't an island off the coast of North Queensland.

Cultivation right up to the base of the limestone mountains.

The only way into the hidden valley—a cave used by escaped slaves to hide from their masters. Any idea yet?

The rainforest.

The snails. This is Eurycratera, one of the largest land snails on the island. (Go on, Google it!) Everybody says it's a camaenid but I don't think the 'camaenids' on that side of the world belong to the same family as those in the eastern hemisphere.

And these are Viana. (Males have a little notch in the shell. You can guess why.)

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