Thursday, 24 August 2006

Australian International University: more better education®

These people know how the Academy works.

The mission statement
To educationalise our globally significant clientele for maximum ROI with a view to a spectacular IPO.

The staffing policy:
At Australian International University we have no staff. We are a revolutionary, management only university. By cutting out staff members completely, we have reduced our costs to a market-leading level, enabling us to provide our clients with world-class price point options.

All lecturers and tutors at Australian International University are SSP’s. SSP stands for “Subcontracted Service Provider.” The utilisation of SSP teachers keeps costs as low as possible for us. We can then pass on these cost savings to you, our valued clients.

Here at AIU we are also very proud of the fact that our management staff have absolutely no academic experience. Our management team have all been recruited because they come from management, marketing and entrepreneurial backgrounds. We guarantee that none of them are tainted by any experience of pedagogy. George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach,” or words to that effect. Except for our SSP’s, all management staff at AIU are able to “do.”

It's too accurate to be funny.


Sherryl said...

Exactly. Which is why I can't comment. I'm still recovering from the idea of a business plan for my course that will make money.
Education for the sake of learning seems to have become something like a prehistoric beast that you bring out occasionally to laugh at, as in "what a silly, silly idea that was". Don't get me started on my 20 year projection - a society of rejected Big Brother and Australian Idol auditioners who all decide to become politicians instead.

Aishah O said...

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