Saturday, 19 August 2006

Better than a cat octopus(s)

I was looking through all my old transparencies and found this one from the early 80s. I remember we had this little fellow and a blue-ringed octopus. (Not in the same tank.) This octopus was always quite shy whereas the blue-ring was rather more brash. If I can find any more photos, I'll scan them.


David Nelson said...

Nice stuff, (but "what's a transparency?" says the 21st century photographer). We had a blue-ringed for a prac in invert zoology as well, amazing colour changes (especially when it switches on those rings!).

Snail said...

In the good old days ... The problem is the darned things get dirty (as you can see from the occy pic) and they can also fade (heartbreaking!).

You're lucky I didn't call them "trannies"! That would have been confusing!