Thursday, 31 August 2006

I went out to document more of the exciting wildlife in my back yard. I saw a beautiful, fat, slater-eating spider (Dysdera crocata) but couldn't get a good photo. I did find a couple of false wireworms (Gonocephalum), which are sitting in a Petri dish, waiting for their moment under the lens. I will go out looking for more exciting subjects on the weekend.

In the meantime, here's another pair of pyrrhocorid harlequin bugs, Dindymus versicolor, at it like knives in the kangaroo apple. This shot shows the stunning green and yellow traffic-light bellies. Only a very brave or very naïve predator would risk a meal of this species.

I mentioned yesterday that I'd seen them feeding on all sorts of unsavoury items. They've also been recorded scavenging on dead caterpillars. (Specifically, Teia anartoides, the painted apple moth.)

Although many of the most prolific garden pests are introduced, Dindymus versicolor is all ours. It occurs throughout south-eastern Australia, including Tasmania. It's also found in New Zealand.

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