Thursday, 10 August 2006

Just a quickie, as it were, between appointments. I've got hold of a stack of Ileodictyon (basket or lattice fungus) spores, so I'll see if I can get them to grow. Should be fun. (You can read about this bizarre fungus in the Fun Guy post.)

I've also resurrected my antique dissecting microscope. It's not much more powerful than a good hand lens but it's better than nowt. For years it's been sitting round at home, doing nothing more useful than acting as a scaffold for redback webs. I'm sure the spiders considered that important but they'll have to find somewhere else to live. (And it's not really antique, only about 25 years old.)

Now I'd better go. I'll be back later with a story about snail head warts. And won't that be something to look forward to ...

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Ang-ang said...

I want the story of snail head warts