Friday, 18 August 2006

Rieslings to be cheerful

Pseuds Corner is a regular column in British satirical magazine Private Eye. It exposes the week's most pretentious and affected writing. I suspect that wine reviews appear frequently on their shame file.

Leeuwin Estate, in Margaret River, Western Australia, is very proud of its wines. So proud that it's not afraid to include reviews like this:

A wine of astonishing purity and clarity. Crack this open for the unexpected smell of fresh rubber goods, followed by an injection of pure citrus-lime zinginess. As well as being poised and brilliantly made, this is also a picture of restraint. Think Coco Chanel in black rather than Fergie in a puffball. And once you've swallowed it's mouthwatering, razor-lickingly gorgeous. Stunning.

Joe Fattorini, The Herald (Glasgow) Magazine, 1st July 2006

Am I the only one disturbed by the smell of fresh rubber goods? Not to mention the razor licking ...

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