Friday, 11 August 2006

What I'm reading ...

...A Rum Affair: a true story of botanical fraud by Karl Sabbagh. This is an investigation of alleged scientific fraud by botanist John Heslop Harrison. In an attempt to give more credence to his idea that the Scottish island of Rum (then called Rhum) was a refugium for plants during the Ice Age, Heslop Harrison did a little gardening. But he was rumbled by a colleague. (Those botanists—they're all feral. Pathologically neat but feral.)

The Skeleton Man by Tony Hillerman. I am just about to start this one. It's another Leaphorn and Chee story set in the South West.

I've also got the latest James Lee Burke—Pegasus Descending—but I won't begin that until I've finished the Hillerman. I need to bring a bit of discipline into my life.

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