Monday, 21 August 2006

With wormiest dishes ...

Reported in the China Daily, where you can read the whole gruesome story. (And before you're enjoying too much schadenfreude, you should know that it could easily happen here.)


At least 50 people have been diagnosed as suffering from a parasite-caused meningitis after eating raw or half-raw snails at Beijing restaurants.

It is the first time the so-called Guangzhou Angiostrongylus meningitis has been found in Beijing, according to the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau's website.

It has warned people not to eat raw seafood, which may carry parasites that threaten health.

The first case, involving a 34-year-old man, was found by the Beijing Friendship Hospital in June.

The patient suffered from unbearable headaches and nausea after eating a dish called cold snail meat in the Shuguo Yanyi Restaurant.

The snail meat was from Amazonian snails Fushouluo in Chinese a popular dish in Sichuan-style restaurants in Beijing

Doctors took samples from the restaurant and found the parasite in two of the snails.

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