Tuesday, 29 August 2006


Utah is a strange place. Nothing makes you more desperate for a drink than travelling through towns where alcohol is in limited supply.

I arrived in Cedar City during the Shakespearean Festival. I didn't know that it was on, so you can imagine my confusion when I drove down a main street where everyone was dressed in doublet and hose or long dresses and tall pointy hats with veils. As far as I knew, this was how the good folks of Cedar City always spent their weekends. I didn't say anything about it. And no one mentioned it to me.

Why was I in Cedar City? I was heading north from the fabulous sedimentary geology of Arizona on my way to the wild volcanic geology of Idaho. Zion Canyon was on the way.

I love geology. I don't know much about it. As with Uluru, I'll let the pictures of Zion National Park do the talking.

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Anonymous said...


The pictures paint a thousand words of thousands of years of weathering processes. They are spectacular!

A friend is enticing me to drive in California in November with the promise of vistas of the desert. I am tempted but probably won't have the nerve!