Saturday, 30 September 2006

The (Grand) Final countdown

What I'm listening to as I write this: Try whistling this by Neil Finn.

Nice planning on Richard Stubb's radio show yesterday. While interviewing a member of the St John's Ambulance Service he suggested a visit to Crac des Chevalier as part of their training programme and then played Mark Seymour's Holy Grail. This won't make sense to anyone outside Australia, but the St John's Ambulance will be attending the AFL Grand Final, the theme song of which is ... You get the picture. It was funny at the time.

Yes, it's Grand Final Day. Apparently. The neighbours two doors up have their mates around. I saw eskies and cartons being unloaded from car boots this morning. Plenty of them. But now the lads are sitting in the back yard listening to Enya and Everclear. Those cartons must have been full of Fanta.

Otherwise, the game isn't very big in this street. The Vietnamese neighbours aren't interested. The Indian students across the road love cricket. (There's usually a game each evening. Luckily, they use a tennis ball rather than the real thing.) Of the few footy fans, my immediate neighbour barracks for St Kilda and the one diagonally opposite is a die-hard Bulldogs supporter. I'm not even sure the Fanta-swillers support either of the competing teams*. I think they're just looking for an excuse to get together and knock back fizzy drinks.

The Builder of Gates has turned up and is about to rip the old one off its hinges. This won't take a great deal of effort. Gravity should do it on its own. At some point my side path will be as well defended as Crac des Chevalier.


*I'm not even sure who's playing. Sydney vs West Coast? Something like that. However, 95,000 people have jammed themselves into the MCG to watch the game, so I may well be in the minority. (But not in this street.)

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