Thursday, 28 September 2006

It’d never happen here

Staff at the University of Bergen in Norway are not afraid to point out the good and the bad at their institution.

Professor of biology Karin Pittman reached the end of her rope last week when she had to welcome 60 new master's degree students in an auditorium at the Høyteknologisenteret building with PCs and projectors that were not in working order. Nor was there any chalk, and the tattered sponge was mouldy. The room was also partially filled with empty cardboard boxes.

“These are undignified conditions for both lecturers and students alike. I have pointed out many times before that the state of the auditoriums is substandard and coordination between the different parties responsible for such matters is not good enough. It is a shame that nothing is being done about it,” says Professor Pittman, who, in an e-mail to the faculty administration, has warned that she will go on strike if conditions are not improved.

Good on her! The article, Frustrated by poor lecturing conditions, appears in the 28 September edition of På Høyden, the university newsletter.

Imagine that, people—an institute of higher education that takes these thing seriously.

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