Sunday, 3 September 2006

What I'm listening to right now: Blame it on Cain by Elvis Costello.

Just had a bit of a panic as I remembered that I've only prepared half of tomorrow's two-hour lecture. Not to mention next's week's material to hand over to the terrific sessional lecturer who'll be replacing me while I'm swanning around Far North Queensland. (Hello, trees. Hello, flowers.) So I'd better get on to that instead of squandering my time on the electronic intaweb.

The rain forecast by the Met Bureau hasn't materialised, which is a trifle disappointing. I was hoping for a downpour this afternoon.

My hangover has finally abated. Sleeping in until some appallingly late hour (noon, I think) was not so much an indulgence as a medical treatment. The Pritikin walnut and apple scroll was just the thing for breakfast. All that sugar and ... er ... sugar. (I may have made up the bit about it being Pritikin.)

Right, I'm off to do stuff.

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