Monday, 30 October 2006

Grauniad back to old form

Author Jim Crace has a piece in Guardian Books about a fictitious book, Useless America, that Amazon credits him with writing. The booksellers have taken a typo and built it into a hardback edition and a paperback (to be released in September 2007).

A new kind of ghost writer>
Amazon has invented a book and sold it as mine. Perhaps this is the future of publishing
Jim Crace
Saturday October 28, 2006

It's a great article and makes you wonder whether it's worth struggling with a 100,000 word manuscript when you can get decent sales on a non-existent work.

But Guardian Books (bless 'em) have mistaken Jim Crace for John Crace, who writes the delicious Digested Reads. Their front page actually reads:
A new kind of ghost writer
John Crace: Amazon has invented a book and sold it as mine. Is this the future of publishing.

Of course, they might have fixed it by now. But trust me. That's what it said.

You can get a taste of John Crace's work in this earlier post on A Snail's Eye View.

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