Saturday, 7 October 2006

Heavens above

The web site not the exclamation. (Although you might exclaim in wonderment when you visit the site.)

The imminent launch of a new book on the history of the universe has reawakened my interest in the night sky and all the gleaming objects in it. I used to have tonnes of books on astronomy. Back in the dim past (shortly after the formation of the solar system), I watched Patrick Moore's Sky at Night and heard all sorts of fabulous cosmological facts that I've now completely forgotten. I've even lost my planisphere. Bugger.

But Heavens Above will help me regain some of that knowledge. Once logged in (it's free to register), I can find out the time and path of satellites over my area, how to spot comets, details of planets, constellations, you name it ... all based on my location. And that's the key. No more mucking around trying to compensate for data generated for Houston or Hyderabad. (Not that I did. But I could if I wanted to.)

Check it out. It's entertaining and it's educational. (Note: one of these factors is more important than the other.)

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