Saturday, 21 October 2006

I salute our new ant overlords

Serendip Sanctuary indulged in a smidgeon of hyperbole when they put together the copy for this interpretive sign. It's worth clicking on the photo to read the rest.

I'll have what they're having.


Duncan said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading about the You Yangs and Serendip, been to the latter on a couple of occasions.
I sometimes sit out on the verandah with a cup of something and watch the ants scurrying over the tiles and think what amazing creatures they are. Especially the speed of some of them, if they were our size, and their speed was magnified proportionally, we'd be left in their dust.

Snail said...

Watching ants go about their business is absolutely hypnotic. It's difficult not to be impressed by just about every aspect of ant-dom!

As for Serendip, I can't believe it's taken me so long to get out there.

Darky said...

While the dinosaurs is just funny, the subtext of that sign seems to me to be the kind of gee whiz stuff that, although it's worth stopping to think about, shouldn't be given the authority of interpretive biology.
If the authors had properly followed up the idea about dog-sized ants, they would've hit the better secondary subjects of comparative anatomy and physiology that would have me saying ~Ha! No ant that big could summon the strength or the endurance to run after me, and if it got lucky and caught up, I'd probably only have to kick it in the shins to buckle its crunchy legs. It certainly wouldn't be able to lift my weight without having to evolve a different oxygen exchange system.

I prefer things like amegilla's other-universely out-of-focus-hologram/ghost twigs for wow.

There's a nice set of essays on B-Movie monster biology that was featured recently in Arts & Letters Daily. It should be distributed liberally around interpretive centres.


I think if they were the size of a squirrel, they would prey on humans.