Wednesday, 4 October 2006

I was going to head out later this afternoon to take a few snaps of interesting things but it's hot and windy* in Melbourne today. Not great weather to be out and about. Instead, I'm marking assignments. (Which is what I'm paid to do, so that's fair enough.)

My bird-watching permit for the Western Treatment Plant arrived this morning. With judicious use, this may promote me from the world's second worst birdwatcher to the rank of the very ordinary birdwatcher. The permit comes with a checklist, which has little boxes so you can record the species you see. It's a bit like those Spotter's Guides that I used to love as a kid. (I wonder if you can still get them?)

I may pop down on Friday morning to have a binocular-less squiz at the birds. But I can't read the map supplied with the permit, so maybe I'll remain at my low level of achievement for a little while yet.

*about 28C and 70kph as I write this

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