Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Junior scientists

This is great. A CSIRO entomologist got together with a bunch of school students (7 –13 year olds) to describe a new species of gall-forming wasp. The children used a scanning electron microscope and digital imaging systems—and ended up naming the new species Tanaostigmodes shrek.

I'd like to read more scientific papers with an acknowledgment section like this:

We would like to thank several people who helped us with this project. Everyone at CSIRO Entomology was very nice to us … Finally, our parents were all very supportive of this project, and drove us around so that we could do it.

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Hardwick, S., Harper, M., Houghton, G., La Salle, A., La Salle. S, Mullaney, M. & La Salle, J. (2005). The description of a new species of gall-inducing wasp: a learning activity for primary school students. Australian Journal of Entomology 44: 409 –414.

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