Thursday, 12 October 2006

Phew! What a scorcher

Damn, it's hot! The temperature reached about 37C (99F), give or take, where I was today. Winds gusted to about 80 kph. It's still 28C in the house with little chance it's going to cool down.

And everything that could go wrong did go wrong at work. I've got problems with one of our sessional subject co-ordinators who thinks that he can ask people to give lectures without letting me know, then expect me to fix up the paperwork after the event. I've told him on several occasions that this is not the way things work. Particularly now that we've got so many controls on expenditure. But it doesn't stop him. And, of course, I do have to sort it out. If someone's done the work, that person should get paid. (Even if it wasn't authorised.) (I'm not happy. As you can probably tell.)

And don't get me started on the exams.

Still, this was nothing compared to what other people faced today.

This hot and windy day is keeping the Country Fire Authority busy. Apart from dozens of grass fires across the state, they are dealing with major incidents at Kinglake, North Geelong, Moe, Snake Valley and Morwell open cut coal mine. Not to mention a train derailment at Flynn.



No air-conditioning, eh?

Snail said...

Nah! Not in the car either. When I lived in the tropics, everyone used to go to the air-conditioned shopping malls or drive around in their cars for a couple of hours to escape the heat.

It's only going to be 30C today, so that's okay.