Tuesday, 3 October 2006

What have you been doing with your life?

Here's something to make you wonder what you could have achieved if you hadn't wasted all that time.

Have you ever come across a name on the Dead or Alive? site of someone who has died, especially one of your childhood heroes, and realized that you've now been alive longer than they were? It can be an odd experience. To find out which famous people you've passed in longevity most recently, and who you might pass next, use the form below. Enter your exact birth date and click Search.

Thank you. I will.

I've oulived Malcolm X by 2419 days, John Lennon by 2272 days, Albert Camus by 83 days and Sam Sheppard by 42 days. And if I make it 37 more days, I'll have outlived John F. Kennedy.

The site also tells me that I've got another 415 days to go before I outlive Jim Jones. Plenty of time to get in the Kool Aid and set up Snail Town.

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Anonymous said...

Keep track of all famous names with the Dead People Server - Laurie Mann's excellent, organised, regularly updated geek site.