Tuesday, 17 October 2006

The world's second worst birdwatcher

Something moved in the grassland. A flash of white on the face. A flicking tail. Looked interesting.

I didn't have binoculars, so I pointed the camera in the general direction. After all, I could crop and enlarge the picture later and see what exciting bird it was.

In my defence, I've got crap eyesight and it was a long way away.

But this is why I'm not leading bird watching tours.


amegilla said...

It looks like a sparrow. Was it?

So whi is the world's first worst birdwatcher?

Snail said...

Yeah. A house sparrow. Not even a tree sparrow. That would have been slightly interesting.

I need to get new glasses.

Oh, the world's worst birdwatcher is a friend who works for DSE. She identified a white mooring buoy as a pelican.

tapperboy said...

Nice image considering it was a snap and cross fingers type shot, not bad at all.