Sunday, 5 November 2006

Back to the 80s. It's twenty-two years later and he still doesn't look much older. In an attic somewhere, the portrait of Neil Finn is peeling off the canvas ...


amegilla said...

The 80 s eh. Decade of pastel decor and primary pop.
The decor was so pastel I remember an acquainaince using medical drip type tubing (transparent in other words)to run irrigation water to her hanging baskets. Didn't want black drippers clashing with her white peculiars.

You don't see many lyrics about that. Pity really.
I would have thought Midnight Oil could have done a nice line in satire on pastel decor, pastel lives.

Snail said...

Surely Midnight Oil would have given it a go?

Australian Crawl certainly did with Beautiful People, their reworking of a Flanders & Swan song. (No, really.)