Sunday, 5 November 2006

Blog round-up

I've just looked in the fridge. Do sauerkraut, coffee and a cantaloupe constitute a balanced diet? Hmmm. Maybe I'd better get down to the shops to find something to pad out those ingredients into decent meals.

Here's an entirely subjective round up of the latest in some my favourite natural history and science blogs.

Amegilla at Mixed Metamorphs has a fabulous, furry bee fly*, the trigger plant it pollinates and the fraught relationship between the two.

The nest box has proved more than satisfactory for the sugar gliders at David Nelson's place. David caught the next generation on camera. There's also a follow-up post on the not-so-cute paralysis tick.

Trevor of Trevor's Birding has been out photographing Cape Barren geese, which are favourites of mine. They look as if they've had their beaks coloured in with fluorescent markers. He also spotted a golden-headed cisticola, a little bird that has something of the street urchin about it.

Duncan at Ben Cruachan Blog has been checking for new arrivals in his part of Victoria. He wasn't the only one interested in all the activity. The cuckoos are also back in town.

The Neurophilsopher's Blog has an excellent post on Alois Alzheimer and his discovery of the disease that now bears his name.


*Hands up who thought I was going to write something about the Freak Brothers?


Trevor said...

Thanks for the mention and the links.

The neurophilosopher said...

Yeah...thanks Snail. The Alzheimer's thing is one of my favourite recent posts, but no-one's paid any attention to it!

Snail said...

Maybe they forgot? I really enjoyed it.