Friday, 24 November 2006

But with regard to the material world, we can at least go so
far as this-we can perceive that events are brought about not by
insulated interpositions of Divine power, exerted in each particular
case, but by the establishment of general laws
W. Whewell

On this day in 1859, publisher John Murray released a book called On the origin of species by means of natural selection. The rest, as they say, is history.

Charles Darwin's complete works are available at the Darwin Online site, courtesy of the University of Cambridge. You can read his books, notebooks, papers and manuscripts. And if you haven't got time to read them, text-to-speech software will do it for you.


Anonymous said...

How amazing! I am just about to finish a book by Anna Meirs called Darwin and His Flowers. Was wondering about reading some of his original trial work. Your just wonderful Snargle!!!



Anonymous said...

Damn I'm a Richard C. The Author is Mea Allan. Not sure who Anna Miers is but I am sure she is a good writer as well.



jj said...

I WILL try listening.
What a good idea!

And this morning, under the pot plants I moved ... another of those BIG, black slugs.
Should I put it in the freezer?

( and g'day Richard C :))

Snail said...

I can't vouch for the audio files. I haven't listened to them yet because my attention has been focussed on the cricket.

The freezer is good. How many slugs have you got so far? Is there still room for you to fit food in there?