Monday, 6 November 2006

Cup galah

Snapped while I was waiting at the traffic lights on the way home this evening. Sure, galahs (Cacatua roseicapilla) aren't exactly rare* but they're still nice to see around the place. These two are feeding on grass seeds turned up when the council were laying new water pipes. (The pipes for grey water are an attractive lavender, by the way.) This corner is next to a paddock full of wallaby grass, which has somehow survived all attempts to turn it into weeds.

*On my field trips, they're known by the affectionate abbreviation of MFGs. More ... fnerking ... galahs.


amegilla said...

Those galahs would make a nice hat. And maybe it's an omen. Any jockeys in pink and grey?

Snail said...

I now have the form guide from the Age, which has some badly printed colours. Dizelle is in royal blue with pink hoops.

I saw more black and white birds, though. Railings and Headturner are both in those colours.

At this rate, we'll have picked the entire field.