Monday, 20 November 2006

I'm back.

Exams marked?


My exams, anyway. Two sets remain but they'll be marked by sessional lecturers. (Some subjects are taught entirely by sessional staff. I co-ordinate, moderate and occasionally agitate but otherwise don't deal with the imparting of knowledge in those subjects.) I've collated the results so now I can see the gaps—who hasn't handed in which piece of assessment. All that's left to do is find out why.

I suspect some students play a numbers game. The on-course assessment is worth a measly 40% of the final mark, so if I ignore that and blitz the exam ...

If only.

The lowest final mark was 6%, which must have taken a special effort. The highest was 92%. What a spread.

But it's not over yet. Special considerations, special exams, supplementary exams, student progress committees ... It goes on and on.


amegilla said...

I'm back.

Thank dog. You've been missed.

Snail said...


It takes a bit of time to wind up the blogging rate again, though. And this bleedin' 'ot weather doesn't help.