Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Only 100 more words to go before I meet today's writing quota but it's like wringing those last drops of water from the washing.

Bugger! I can't even manage a decent simile. This isn't going well.


jj said...

I am old enough to remember wringing those last drops of water from the washing ... or trying to.

It's an apt simile.

Snail said...

I tried it the other day when I decided to wash a doona. Obviously, I hadn't thought the whole thing through before I dumped the damned thing in the bath ...

That's never going to happen again.

jj said...

aaahhhhhh ... a doona.

Did you put the whole thing onto a BIG calico sheet and then roll them up together, quite tightly on the straight grain of the sheet (but the bias of the doona, ie at 45 degrees to each other) then tie one end to something (VERY tightly) and then twist from the other end?

Twist tightly as possible and pull out straight VERY hard?

It's remarkable what one person can do!


There, I hope that makes tertiary education sound more fulfilling .. whole days could go on that kind of "survival" stuff.


Snail said...

I could barely lift the bloody thing out of the bath.

That sounds like a good technique. But I've vowed to either get it dry cleaned next time or to sleep in squalid ocnditions.

tapperboy said...

All this mucking about when what you might have done was what the Artherarf did just a little while ago.

1. Pick a nice warm day.

2. Studiously ignore my deliberate verbal instructions to read the washing directions on the doona's care tag first, stuff like dry clean only.

3. Stuff the whole thing into the top loader as I continue to stress the importance of not doing so and proceed to put it through a gentle wash cycle with some no frills type washing powder. A a good spinout to finish then lay it out in a warm but shaded spot, fluffing it time to time till dry.

The thing is, it worked! *rolls eyes*