Thursday, 2 November 2006

Wooden 'art

Had a great day. Not only did I visit a friend in Castlemaine, but it rained as well! Woo hoo! My part of Melbourne received about 8 mm. The Calder Freeway must have received about 8 cm. At least, that's what if felt like as I was driving along it this morning. Maybe I've forgotten. It's been a while since we had a decent fall.

I'm going to blog about Rhyll's printmaking but I'll leave it until the weekend, so I can do justice to her work. I took a shed load of photos in her studio—some of them have come out quite well.

Here's something to keep your interest. That's a block of huon pine. Rhyll's carving it with an engraver's tool bought twenty years before she even thought about taking up printmaking. And that's an interesting story. Sorry. You're going to have to hang on for a couple of days but it'll be worth it. Would I lie to you?

Here's one she prepared earlier from that block. It's about as accurate an image as possible given the limitations of the medium. That's one of the brilliant things about Rhyll's work—they're scientifically spot on. And did I mention humour? Ah, well. Wait for the weekend's blogs.

A later post, Doing her block, has more squid art from the same artist.

Now I'd better go and write my 1670 words or I'll be in trouble with myself.


Mandi said...

Wow Helix - that is so beautiful...
I have always wanted to do wooden block printing - done a bit of lino cut and some etching too, but imaging carving into that soft huon...
and such a beautiful image!
Tahnkyou for sharing :)

Snail said...

There's more to come. I'll let you know when I write the rest of the story.

Is Rhyll. Is good.

Snail said...

Welcome to Pharyngula readers. There's more of this squid art at