Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Remember that running gag from Flying High*? Lloyd Bridges facing each new calamity with the line 'I picked the wrong day to ...'. In his case, it was the wrong day to give up coffee/smoking/sniffing glue. In my case, I picked the wrong day to stay at home marking exams.

Not that it was an unproductive day. I marked the exams and had coffee with a writer friend who I hadn't seen for the whole semester. (That was great. We talked about books and writing.) It was the wrong day because Melbourne was shrouded in smoke from the Gippsland fires.

I had to nip down to Williamstown, so I stopped on the way to look at the Westgate Bridge. These photos give an idea of the pall over the city.


*Yes, I know. There were a few of them.

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