Thursday, 30 November 2006

A short Walkley off a long career

An unscheduled moment in the Walkley Award ceremony tonight. The Sunday Telegraph's Glenn Milne got up on stage as unsteady as a newt and assaulted Stephen Mayne, who was presenting the Walkely award for the best photographic essay or business something or other. (I wasn't paying that much attention.)

Which of the following reports sounds like the most plausible response from the journalists in the audience?

The Age says:
"You are an absolute disgrace," an outraged Mr Milne shouted, as an audience of the nation's media elite erupted into laughter.

The Sydney Morning Herald says:
Milne then began berating Mayne from the stage as the audience, which consisted of a representation of Australia's top journalists, looked on horrified.

If you missed the mess, Laurel has given the link to the YouTube video in her comment below. (Thank you!) Decide for yourself whether the audience was amused or horrified.


Laurel said...

After having viewed the video a dozen or more times (well it was funny!) I can unequivocally confirm that the journos were wetting their panties with laughter. The only horrified ones were those fearful of the bar tab being cancelled. :)

Snail said...

Thanks for the link, Laurel.

The writer of the SMH piece must be rather a rather sensitive soul.

Whimspiration said...

oh my, what a hoot!

The Poison Dwarf said...

That's "Glenn" with 2 n's.
Call yourself a writer?
You're a disgrace.

Snail said...

That's "Glenn" with 2 n's.

Damn! A grocer's apostrophe.

I must admit, I was wondering whether there was anyone in the room who wouldn't want to take a swipe at Stephen Mayne.

jj said...

and from

" ...

In an official statement Greg Baxter, Director of Corporate Affairs for News Limited wrote:
“I think everyone agrees it’s inappropriate behaviour.
I don’t think anyone in that room last night would’ve thought it was appropriate behaviour.”

But someone at News Ltd clearly hadn't got the memo about the party line.
This little snippet appeared in today's Daily Tele Sydney Confidential (not online):

Sunday Telegraph political editor Glenn Milne made a point at last night's Walkley Awards that most people who believe in media integrity will cherish. Milne confronted Crikey founder Stephen Mayne, a presenter at the awards, while he was on stage and called him a disgrace – and then pushed him. Milne argued that Mayne was an inappropriate presenter because, through his website ramblings, he has been a critic of the hard work of journalists while engaging himself in what many would say is journalistically unethical vaudeville."

Thank goodness for crikey and frontline.
:) or :( as you think fits.