Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Teapots to the rescue

There's a touch of the Douglas Adams about this story reported on BBC Scotland.

    Concern after Nimrod 'teapot fix'

    New claims about the safety of Nimrod aircraft based at RAF Kinloss are to be raised in the House of Commons.

    It has emerged that the crew of a Nimrod used a teapot to block a hatch gap in their plane after a mid-air mechanical fault.

    A Ministry of Defence (MoD) spokeswoman said safety had not been compromised.


    The spokeswoman said: "There was a minor malfunction with the hatch cover and the teapot would have been used to make it more comfortable for the crew.

Thanks to darky for pointing this one out.


Duncan said...

A teapot in a RAF aeroplane? I guess it was just as well they weren't using teabags.

Snail said...

It's all very odd.

From the RAF equipment page:

The Nimrod bomb bay carries the Stingray torpedo and the Harpoon missile for the anti-surface unit mission while for search and rescue duties the aircraft has a selection of air deliverable multi-seat dinghies, survival packs and other stores. The aircraft was also fitted to carry Sidewinder air-to-air missiles during the Falklands War (to allow for opportunity attacks on opposing surveillance aircraft more than for self-defence). Internally the aircraft can carry around 150 sonobuoys of several different types.

And a teapot.

Anonymous said...

I'm just miffed that it wasn't a Hurricane that needed the teapot for running repairs.