Saturday, 6 January 2007

Blimey! Still ridiculously hot in the house (30C), although the outside temperature has now dropped to 28C. It seems as if everywhere in Victoria received rain from the slow-moving low—except the west of Melbourne. We got nothing. What a swiz.

Nothing much happening here. I'm now on the fifth draft of the novel. I think it's the fifth. It might only be the fourth. I've given up counting. I'm hoping this is the final version but it's probably only the penultimate one. Either way, it'll still be finished in a shorter time than my PhD thesis. Watch this space.


jj said...

Hello to all those East of us here in SA.

With any luck at all, the cool change which has brought us fresh air and cool, gentle breezes and 14mm of very gentle rain will power on to you too.

All the best.

It is hard to be enthusiastic about anything when the heat stays on ... lassitude is a great word, even if it isn't a great condition, I think.

Sherryl said...

It's been raining! Not enough, but better than nothing.
Keep working on that draft. We always hope it will be the last one, don't we?!!
(word verification - palgufs - the excuses we make to friends about why we're not writing?)

Snail said...

The rain missed us completely. Not a spit.

But here's the good news. It's only 20C outside. (Still 26C inside, mind). I was going to take the binos and camera down to either Swan Bay or Cranbourne but I think I might stay at home and do some writing. I don't want to use any palgufs.

(I'll also have to water the plants at some time as I think today's a watering day. Better check that.)

Anonymous said...

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