Friday, 19 January 2007

Get a grip

I was simultaneously amused and appalled by this story from Mondo Skepto. (It appeared first on Coast to Coast.).

A couple of galoots panicked and suspected paranormal activity when the clock on their microwave oven stopped displaying the time and showed the word Child. Was the microwave possessed?

Well, no ... the child lock was on.


amegilla said...

Well, when we first got a mobile phone, the word COMA appeared on the screen. We contacted the phone company to tell them they'd given us a brain dead phone that needed it's life support switching off (this may or may not have been our actual words...)

To our mortification, the 10 year old on the other end explained that the word was CDMA.
Yes, it's a CDMA phone.


Snail said...


But your first thought wasn't that it had been possessed by a supernatural entity ...

And then you didn't post your fears on the website of a radio station (together with your gmail address).

Anonymous said...

*laffen again*

hang on


Had a scary moment there!

I went to type in the Word Verification text and for a moment thought it read crawley! Yikes! Had a closer look and it read crawyi, phew, I can relax now ;)