Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Hairy legs

Since I evicted the large female huntsman from my kitchen, a smaller male has taken up residence in the hall. I suspect he was there all along but kept a low profile—maybe because he didn't want to end up as dinner. (Hers, not mine.)

I caught the first spider in a vase (no jar was big enough) and relocated her to the shed, where there's plenty of food. Trapping her was relatively easy as the kitchen has a low ceiling. She couldn'r scuttle too far out of my reach. Getting the hall spider will be more difficult as he's not only very skittish but the hall has 11' ceilings. I don't fancy my chances securing him in a vase while I'm up a ladder. Something terrible involving broken legs will happen to one or both of us.


sarala said...

I'm a nature lover but have a spider phobia. I'm glad these huntsman spiders don't hang out in Chicago.

Snail said...

They're usually pretty well-behaved, Sarala. They tend to stick to the walls and ceilings and not wander too close to humans. (Youmg ones do have an irritating habit of exploring the backs of sofa cushions, emerging in the evening to give you a bit of a surprise ...)

I've now managed to round up Mr Hairy Legs and will let him go in the shed this evening when it's a bit cooler. He can stuff himself stupid on the all-you-can-eat buffet of beetles, earwigs and other spiders out there. Better than wasting away on my walls.

Anonymous said...

Our resident female kitchen helper (same type of huntsman as your male) put paid to a couple of interlopers and a male in her time then made herself scarce. Might have gone downstairs and then outside. She did tend to get about the place. mostly hanging in the kitchen but she could pop up in the bathroom or anywhere insiode the house really, open plan construction made it easy for her to cover distances. I'm missing her something fierce but that's offset with the invasion of lots of young that've have shown up only this last week. Tiny little things, I can touch and handle them, don't think I'll ever get over the fear factor to touch an adult though.
There's nothing quite like having a a small wolf spider exit the t-shirt you're about to put on as happened to the Artherarf the other day, we laughed but let it live to scare us again some other day :)

Snail said...

I relocated him so I think the place is large spider free. (Though I'd rather have them that the little 'uns, given a choice.)

Dawg, those wolf spiders move so fast, don't they?! I caught a surprisingly big one on the hall wall the other day. I didn't think they climbed much but this one was happy to scale the wall.