Tuesday, 30 January 2007

I added a few outdoor activities to my 'to do' list for today but as it's going to be another scorcher in Melbourne, I've decided to stay indoors and loaf. I've already done the most energetic thing I'm prepared to do—fish the newspaper out from under the porch (where it invariably ends up if it doesn't get snagged by the Myoporum. For those other things, there's always tomorrow.

One of the purposes in taking a fortnight off work is to have time to draw up a plan for my future*. Having felt that I've been stuck fast for a while, I now get the sensation of movement. Unfortunately, it's backwards. And it's time to start heading forwards again. Damned** if I know how, though. But that's why I'm on leave. I've got ten days to come up with the Answer.


* Making a plan for my past wouldn't be very useful, although it would be 100% achievable.

** That wasn't what I wrote the first time.

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