Thursday, 11 January 2007

I and the Bird #40

Peregrine's Bird Blog is hosting I and the Bird #40. Be sure to sample everything on the menu—they're all tasty treats and good for you too.

And after you've digested this feast, there's the next one to look forward to. Snail's Eye View is hosting I and the Bird #41 on 25 January. Send your best bird blogs to me at snailseyeview AT optusnet DOT com DOT au or to Mike at 10000 Birds. The deadline is 23 January.


L. Riofrio said...

Recently I encountered one of our rare Hawaiian Nene birds here in the wild. The Nenes in captivity at Waikoloa Village are much easier to photograph.

Snail said...

I'm pretty sure I saw Nene on the Big Island. (This was about ten years ago, so my memory's a bit vague.) Around the Volcanoes NP. Is that likely or could I be mis-remembering it?