Friday, 26 January 2007

Kites in a tree

I popped in to Serendip Sanctuary the other day. I was the only visitor, which was great. Unfortunately, I couldn't spend much time there so I did a quick tour of the bird hides.

Serendip has several lakes that don't dry out. The permanent water—and a supply of nest boxes—encourages water birds. At this spot, the birds were packed in beak by jowl. I saw a little black cormorant, an Australian pelican, yellow-billed spoonbills, straw-necked and white ibis, magpie geese, Pacific black ducks, chestnut teal, dusky moorhens, Eurasian coots and a masked lapwing ...

But that wasn't all. A gang of whistling kites were dining on a dead bird (probably an ibis) and were having disputes with a raven, who wanted its share. They kites were well-mannered enough to take turns. (But not terns.)

The spoonbill was completely unperturbed by the ruckus.

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sarala said...

What a great spot.
All I got to take pictures of today was urban architecture with an emphasis on the down and out.