Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Science training

We're always looking for projects that will give the third years a feel for research. Thanks to the folk at the Twin Cities Creation Science Association in Minnesota we don't have to scratch around for them any more. Here are some of their 114 suggestions for a science project suitable for submission to the 2007 Home School Science Fair. If school kids can do them, they should be a doddle for undergraduates. Right? (Pharyngula has the link.)

4. Statistical occurrence of giants, and midgets and dwarfs and giantism. Use Princess Flo, Goliath, and brothers.

26. Is energy ever destroyed or created?

28. What makes an animal wild?

46. Where are teeth stored?

50. Why is blood blue in our veins but turns red when we are cut? If we are cut in a vacuum would the blood stay blue?

66. What color is our brain?

72. What is God made of?

89. Is posture related to digestion? Greeks lay down to eat, we sit up.

101.If there were aliens, why would they visit humans?

104.Why do cats hate dogs and dogs hate cats?

106.Can plants affect your growth?

114. What shape is outer space?



72. What is God made of?

It's cheese, Grommit!

Snail said...

We can cross that one off!

There was another one that asked a question about how much electricity a human body could stand ... Very scary.