Thursday, 18 January 2007

What are the odds ...

... that this dissipates before it gets to us in Melbourne.


Trevor said...

We received 8mm overnight - lovely to hear the rain on the roof when we woke this morning.

I've been following the radar images on the BOM site - it's one of my favourites. The far north of SA has received 60-70mm in the last 24 hours and there is more coming over the next 2 days. Let's hope it moves over the fire areas over your way.

Snail said...

I forgot to put up the link to the BoM. Yes, it's a big favourite here too. I torture myself by watching the storms approach and then fade away!

We did get some rain in Melbourne overnight. Only 5 mm but that's the most we've had for ages.

I don't think they've had nearly enough to the east. Mt Hotham got about 15 mm. Much less fell elsewhere.

The CFA people were saying that it wasn't sufficient to affect the fires but was enough to have an impact on the back burning. :(

Snail said...

And I forgot to put the Bureau of Meteorology link up that time too! Here it is.

Shorty CreeKI said...

We too had only 5mm over night, but it was so gentle that it didn't run off, just soaked in, and prepared the ground for today's 14.5mm.
With any luck that will continue on its easterly way.
This is another site. I like the longer series of scans. It is not for dialup and you will each need to find your own locale. I haven't yet learned how to peg it onto Google.

Snail said...

That's a good find. Thanks, Shorty Creeki.

For the meteorologically curious, the front page to that site, which shows longer radar sequences than the BoM site.