Sunday, 11 February 2007

Break in transmission

I haven't been blogging much lately. In fact, I haven't logged on much at all, except for a brief surf of my favourite sites and to check the weather. (It rained last night. Not a lot. But it was better than nothing. And it sounded great on the tin roof.)

Apart from the prospect of having to work for a living again—horrifying enough to bring creative processes to a halt—I've had the worst bout of migraines that I've experienced for ... well ... years. Normally, I'll get one of three symptoms in the lead up: inability to concentrate, very bad thirst or an unshiftable headache. (Yes, it's a bit strange that a headache is part of the migraine aura but there you have it.) (And before anyone says it, no it's not a tooma.) And then I get the visual disturbances—zigzag lights that start in one part of the optic field, expand until I can't see and then subside on the other side of the field. It's not much fun.

So the migraine comes—the severity of the headache seems to be correlated with the time taken for the visual disturbance to develop—and then it goes. I'm usually tired for a while but not completely useless. Unfortunately, over the past two days, I had migraines in quick succession (migraine, sleep, next migraine immediately on waking). It doesn't allow a great deal of time for other stuff, like blogging.

But I'm back now. Slower. Possibly less articulate. But back.

And the neighbours are driving me insane. They've just bought a music system, which they've placed near the open window in their front room. So that means that their appalling taste in music is blaring down the street. But, because they're working in the back of the house, they've turned it up loud enough that they hear in their garden. Which is next to mine, them being neighbours and all. Ear plugs are cutting out the high notes but the bass is going straight through everything.

It's time for the ear plugs and the industrial grade ear protectors.

Oh, bugger it! I just remembered I've got to do a presentation tomorrow morning. There goes the rest of the afternoon.


Shorty CreeKI said...

Would it help to imagine you are writing it for us?

Then we could wish you well for something you might enjoy more ... :?

Lots of good wishes, regardless.

Duncan said...

You have my sympathy Snail, on all counts. Hope your migraines ease off and the neighbours' speakers split their diaphragms.

Snail said...

Thank you both.

I just need to change job (the migraines are almost certainly work-related) and location. But apart from that ...

Shorty CreeKI said...

Am hoping today went better than you had feared or hoped.

Snail said...

I haven't been home for very long. Was at a meeting on a different campus all day so I didn't have to deal with all the stuff no doubt waiting for me in my office!

Took some nice pics of a dragonfly this evening. Will try to key it out and post on it tomorrow.

sarala said...

Feel better soon. I can relate to the migraine thing. It just wears you down, doesn't it?

Snail said...

It certainly does, Sarala. And I swear it's work-related!