Saturday, 17 February 2007

Hot as Hades here again today. Far too hot to sit in front of a computer. This morning I drew up my customary list of things to do, but then crossed out every item and replaced them with
  • sprawl on the sofa
  • read books
  • keep hydrated
So far I've achieved all of those aims. I even managed a couple of the original ones as well:
  • clean kitchen floor
  • re-pot figs
Well, to be absolutely accurate, I've cleaned part of the kitchen floor and I've re-potted some of the figs. But that's a couple of steps forward.

The figs aren't the juicy edible kind. They're a selection of rainforest species from north and eastern Australia. It's going to be fun when they get going. I really am going to have to move to a bigger block ...

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