Thursday, 22 February 2007


The 10.000th reader dropped by today. Cheers!


budak said...

woot! does he/she/it get a no-prize?

Snail said...

Of course! The no-prize is a glass of non-existent champagne.

I think visitor 10,000 was from Istanbul, so maybe it should be a glass of non-existent raki!

Marcus said...

a box of non-Turkish delight?

jj said...

;P @ you lot :)

tapperboy said...

:) I'm a bit late with a congratulatory this or that but you know I'm impressed or you should, you deserve the visits an that ;)

I'll blow my own horn too if I may. My flickr photostream has just registered 12,612 views! :)
Must be a bit much for the thing, it's having issues at the moment. Read the story underneath the screendump image when the following link loads. You'll see what I'm talking about.

Snail said...

We'll toast you with the non-raki and non-Turkish delight as well.