Sunday, 18 February 2007

Taking flight

On the subject of butterflies ... the fan flowers continue to attract a small number of species. The painted ladies waltz around the bees while the darts skip the light fandango. (The heat doesn't seem to perturb the insects, although it has clearly fried my brains.)

With luck, the last essential elements of the net (the damned bag) will arrive in the post tomorrow, so I can take close ups of the leaf-cutter bees. In the meantime, here's one of the painted ladies.


Trevor said...

Interestingly, we had heaps of butterflies in our garden in the spring and summer of 2005-06 but very few this last spring and summer. I believe the same is true of the Adelaide Hills and Plains. I heard on radio that butterflies sometimes respond to dry conditions by not breeding.

My photos can be seen here

Snail said...


The ones that I've seen around here most frequently are those that feed either on weed species or on plants that are drought tolerant.

The most abundant are (not in any particular order) cabbage whites (brassicas), skippers and blues (grasses(, painted ladies (nettles and allies) and admirals (daisies). I think the admirals have done very well from the trend of planting everlastings in new housing estates.

Anonymous said...

I'd add Common Browns to your grass list and then your list would be around the same as ours here about 140k South of Perth, WA.
Except there are more Wanderers every year.
They were rare only 10 years ago.
This summer, the male Browns were interacting with the Wanderers in a kind of frenzied way.
We can't work out whether the Browns thought that all the sheilas had turned up early (the females are scarce early on) or whether they were sayin' fightin' things to those aliens.

We have a lot of native grass reserve around our 80 acres. A quite dry summer so far, but as long as there's available water stored, the flutterbys do ok.

Darky's wife here. He's too busy to sit down lately and asked me to check on his favourites today.

Snail said...

I'm picturing the Browns over-reacting to their mistaking Wanderers for a bunch of females.

Welcome, N, and my regards to Darky.