Friday, 23 February 2007

Semester 1 starts on Monday. I had planned to spend today checking that everything was in place and ready to go but ended up trying to fix a whole new suite of problems. It's like cleaning up mercury.

The past fortnight has been interesting. One of the big tasks was closing down a course on short notice. That wasn't very enjoyable but we seem to have got it under control. The other biggie—which was much more fun—was meeting the new undergrads. They're a lovely bunch.

I'm hoping that once semester 1 settles down I'll be able to get back to writing. I might also have a chance to get out of the office. We'll have at least one trip to Queenscliff over the next couple of weeks. (Okay, it's not the Great Barrier Reef but it's better than the campus pond.) Should be good.


jj said...

"They're a lovely bunch."

Sounds beaut.

Best wishes for you all ... :)

Snail said...

Not sure how long the honeymoon will last, though. By choice I'm doing less teaching and more admin, so I'll only be seeing them when they've got problems.

And when a student adviser announced to the new undergrads that they could go to one of the advisers before they talked to their lecturers about anything, I felt like throwing something at her head. Still, if the advisers want to sort out timetable problems that have multiplied because of the delay of introducing a pointless extra step, then they can be my guests.

Natural order was restored when the adviser, unused to lecture theatres, attemped to leave by the cupboard ... It ain't Narnia in there.