Sunday, 25 February 2007

Rant alert

Thanks to some cluster of arseholes having an all-night party, I haven't had much sleep so I'm in a foul mood. Had I been able to localise the source of the noise, I would have rung the police. Not something I normally do, but in this case I would have been happy to give them a call. And I'm sure they would have been absolutely delighted to get a request to attend a noisy party in Footscray on Saturday night. No doubt they would have otherwise been sitting around playing cards and drinking tea, waiting for someone to point them in the direction of a spot of villainy*.

Anyway, I couldn't work out where the sound was coming from other than the next street. (We're not talking about a little over-exuberance. This was serious noise pollution. The. Next. Bloody. Street.) I stuffed ear plugs into my ears (the most effective place to put them, I find) and put a pillow over my head (hoping either to suffocate or block out the racket, I wasn't fussy) and eventually fell asleep some time after 3 am.

And then I woke at 8.30 am when they switched up the music again.

Did I mention I was in a foul mood?

* Not.


Marcus said...

We would make a fortune from a device that could absorb soundwaves from one's vicinity or somehow neutralise the din from neighbours boomboxes, mobile phones in buses, bawling brats, etec....

Snail said...

Without causing permanent damage to the source of the noise?

It's been an unusually raucous weekend here. Last night the big party in the next street. Tonight the even bigger party almost in the next suburb! The East Meets West Lunar Festival has been going all day. It's about 1.5 km away but I don't think the organisers considered how far sound can carry on a still day.

It's great fun, BTW. Lots and lots of Vietnamese food ...

Duncan said...

I sympathise Snail, very glad we live out of town with quiet neighbours.

Snail said...

It's normally very quiet here. In fact, right now it's absolutely silent, despite our proximity to the main road.

But when the locals cut loose, there ain't nowhere to hide and I'm one of those people who hates noise. Serves me right for living in the city!