Sunday, 4 March 2007

1974. Live at the Rainbow.

(Don't mind me, I'm just reliving my childhood. Again.)


Anonymous said...

Do all youtube clips turn into Queen ones after 4 weeks, the same as what happens to CDs in gloveboxes?

Snail said...

Crowley, is that you?

Anonymous said...

No, it's Lisa Morrow's brother. I do intarweb trolling for a rest from phone sales.

CDs take longer than tapes to transform.
Something to do with optical data being unpredictable on a humid - ie gloveboxes are mostly humid, with all those banana skins and old juice cartons in them - substrate.

well, I'm not really that, but you are the writer with the Queen obsession and it does invite funnin. I only look in here occasionally, so rest assured you aren't being storked.
I don't sign because we are all one big fat anon mass anyway- us commenters.