Thursday, 22 March 2007

From my office window

A trio of international students making a video of themselves to send home to their families. Much of the footage involved the three men being very laddish and shoving each other off their pushbikes. They were having great fun, lying on the ground, helpless with laughter.

A flock of about forty or fifty ravens flying across campus. They came over the roof of our building and dipped down to the level of my window. I didn't think there were that many ravens in the whole area. It was like a scene from The Birds. (Except they didn't settle and no one got their eyes pecked out. But apart from those small details, it was absolutely identical.)

A rather smaller number of helicopters zipping backwards and forwards between the greater metropolitan area and Avalon, near Geelong, which is hosting an air show this week. It's hard to ignore helicopters, especially when they're flying low, so I've been watching them from my office window. But when someone made an unkind reference to Ray Liotta's cocaine-fuelled obsession in Goodfellas*, I decided to keep quiet about the bright red chopper that flew along above the freeway as I drove to work this morning ...

* You know who you are.

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